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Andrew Carlson

Vice-President, IT Services

William Thousand


Jennifer Endicott

Vice-President & Development Manager
Andrew earned his bachelor's degree at UW-Whitewater and shortly after began with Clarity Technology Group. As Vice-President of IT Services, Andrew is responsible for day-to-day operational support for our customers. He has been with Clarity for 7 years and due to his success recently became a partner in the business. He truly has a great passion for his work.   Bill is a Madison, Wisconsin native who has an extensive background in information technology (IT) consulting. He has over 20 years of experience with software development along with hardware and network support ranging back to the days of the original IBM-PC. Bill is our primary systems architect and oversees all areas of day-to-day operations at Clarity Tech.   Jen earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She has extensive experience with web based development as well as a strong knowledge of database development. Jen works hard managing our application development services team and also works in database administration, consulting and client development.
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